Managed Forex Accounts – Best Option for New Investors

Managed Forex Accounts

Financial markets bring a certain level of excitement and risk.

As you open a Forex account for the first time, high profits are the only thing on your mind. Most traders don’t even consider bad performance, capital loss or bankruptcy; they think it’s easy to make money with smart currency trading and proper management of funds.

Unfortunately, you quickly learn that it’s hard to make high returns without any experience. For some investors it may take years before they start making real money. Continue reading “Managed Forex Accounts – Best Option for New Investors”

5 Best Forex Trading Indicators You Should Know

forex trading indicators

Forex market usually seems erratic to new traders.

Oftentimes it feels as if your strategy is not working and it’s really hard to establish a trend. This is due to the fact there are different factors affecting price of a currency pair. Even if you perform a flawless technical analysis and risk seems really low, you still might lose a lot of money.

This is precisely why you will have to learn more about Forex trading indicators. Continue reading “5 Best Forex Trading Indicators You Should Know”

Forex Swing Trading: Is it the Best Strategy for You?

forex swing trading

Before you start to trade on FX market, ask yourself one question – what kind of a trader are you?

Forex trading is based on personal presences.

There are those who like to enter a position and wait for long time to make a profit. On the other hand, certain traders prefer high-risk short-term trading strategies where they can make money within a day. Continue reading “Forex Swing Trading: Is it the Best Strategy for You?”

5 Best Forex Trading Platforms

best forex trading platforms

Before you open first Forex account, you’re probably wondering which platform to trade on.

While financial incentives and online support are great to have, new traders should place emphasis on broker’s reliability. You have to leave your money in hands of a reputable broker no matter what.

Today I decided to make a list of top-level, best Forex trading platforms that became popular not based on deposits or commissions but on high level of services that a website offers to investors. Continue reading “5 Best Forex Trading Platforms”

Forex Tester Review – Best Way to Use the Software

forex tester

There are a lot of tools that will help you trade on Forex. This makes sense given that good analysis of indicators is what separates profitable traders from the rest.

Platforms such as MT4 and Forex Tester provide an easy way to start trading and learn more about the market. Something that you would require years to master, with Tester for Forex you can learn within a few months.  Continue reading “Forex Tester Review – Best Way to Use the Software”