5 Best Forex Trading Platforms

best forex trading platforms

Before you open first Forex account, you’re probably wondering which platform to trade on.

While financial incentives and online support are great to have, new traders should place emphasis on broker’s reliability. You have to leave your money in hands of a reputable broker no matter what.

Today I decided to make a list of top-level, best Forex trading platforms that became popular not based on deposits or commissions but on high level of services that a website offers to investors.

If you wish to reduce every risk before entering the market, make sure to check out this list!

  1. FXPro

This trading platform is best known for several execution modes for every type of account. This gives clients almost a free reign over their accounts and lots of customization options. Site also offers good pricing as well as several different platforms that can be used for both mobile and desktop trading. Its biggest issue is that you can unintentionally create several live or demo accounts as you switch platforms. Users have also reported issues when they access research.

  1. CMC Markets

If a trader is interested in a wide variety of instruments, then CMC Markets is the right company for him. Through this site you’re able to place an order on lots of different currency pairs. Platform is also regulated by various governing bodies and also offers quality tools. Please have in mind that this software is based on flash which poses a problem for lots of traders. It also lacks support for MetaTrader which is the most popular FX program.

  1. City Index

City Index is very similar to CMC Markets when it comes to the overall number of instruments you can exchange on Forex. It is also very similar when it comes to reliability as the site is regulated on various global markets. Another similarity (this one negative one) is that they both use flash. In fact, the real difference between the two is the fact that City Index forces you to create a new account if you wish to trade Forex.com products through it.

  1. Forex.com

This site is probably among the friendliest and best Forex trading platforms for beginners. Its great place to learn new things about trading on Forex, to perform technical analysis, exchange ideas and news with other traders through various channels etc. Site’s managed to achieve a high level of regulation as well. The fact that it needs a plugin for certain browsers is its biggest letdown.

  1. eToro

When it comes to social options, this company is probably the right choice for you. eToro has real-time watch functions and also offers CopyFunds for investors. But, it doesn’t allows automated trading, has wide spreads and has predefined risk/reward ratios.

If you’re looking for a secure platform to start trading on, you might as well start with one of these.

All of these companies are highly rated among users. Furthermore, most financial institutions regard them as safe and secure. This ensures your money will be protected no matter what!

Have you tried trading through one of these best Forex trading platforms? What was your experience?

Make sure to share your views in the comments below!

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