What is Easy Forex? How to Use it for Forex Trading?

easy forex

Easy Forex is one of the best platforms for online traders.

This platform will allow you to trade on Forex market without having to download software, register or open a new bank account. Furthermore, you don’t even have to have money in order to access this site. In that sense Easy Forex is one of the top services of its kind.

There are several account types to choose from and trader should learn more about them before he invests any capital.  You also have to get acquainted with exchange conditions.

Easy Forex uses several different trading platforms out of which MetaTrader terminal or MT4 is the most popular one. You can download it for free for your mobile phone, desktop and tablet.

Account types

Before you start trading currency, you need to choose the right type of account.

Easy Forex offers you 4 different options. They vary based on minimum deposit, margin-to-risk required as well as required deal size. You can also modify your account based on spreads, customer service and live alerts. Company can also provide a technical analysis tailor-made for you. Site offers a lot of support for beginners as well as basic training.

All of this allows you to find an optimal strategy when trading financial commodities on FX.

Here are the accounts you can choose from:

  • Mini

Has minimum deposit of $ 25 and $5000 minimum size deal. This is a great options for a new broker who wants to try the platform for the first time. Of course, you also get a customer support and all additional features.

  • Gold

Has minimum deposit of $ 500 and $50,000 minimum size deal. It gives you some extra instruments such as chat, special offers and personal dealer. This is probably the most ideal account for majority of traders.

  • Platinum

Has minimum deposit of $ 500 and $50,000 minimum size deal. It basically provides all the tools like the previous account just a bit upgraded

  • VIP

Has minimum deposit of $ 500 and $50,000 minimum size deal. There are a lot of extra options if you choose to go for this account: you get the latest news that happened throughout the day (dealer will call you directly), technical analysis before you make the trades as well as call levels by dealers. This might seem a bit over the top but it helps you reduce investment risks and thus reduce chance of suffering a loss.

As you can see traders get a lot of support once they join Easy Forex.

My comments on Easy Forex

Forex is one of the beginner friendliest financial markets: you can easily get a hang of it and start trading.

By using a platform such as Easy Forex adaptation time shouldn’t be too long – you can get accustomed to Forex trading within hours. Through this site you can learn more about price ranges, trends and so on. I would definitely recommend it to both beginners and experts!

What is your experience with Easy Forex? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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