Day Trade Forex – Everything You Need to Know

day trade forex

Day trade Forex or day trading is a trade that begins and ends during one day.

Trader will pick new assets daily betting on short-term market fluctuations. This strategy is best suited for traders who have enough time for monitoring changes. No matter what, day trader will not leave assets on an account when the day is over. Instead they accept daily loss or profit. Continue reading “Day Trade Forex – Everything You Need to Know”

What is Finanzas Forex in Forex Trading?

Finanzas Forex

People who are trading on Forex will remember Ponzi scheme.

Let’s see what it is and how it works.

What is Finanzas Forex?

This was a system wide fraud that involved several companies including Finanzas Forex, Superior International Investments Corporation, German Cardona, Pedro Benevides, DWB Holding and so on. It sent market shockwaves from USA, UK and all the way to foreign countries such as India. A lot of company owners lost money within a day and it quickly changed investment market. Continue reading “What is Finanzas Forex in Forex Trading?”

Forex Factory – Market Leader for Forex trading

Forex factory

Even if you don’t have any experience trading on Forex, you probably heard of Forex Factory somewhere along the way.

This makes sense because it is probably the best, free website for Forex traders.

Whether you’re a new broker and wish to learn more about the market or a seasoned professional looking for some online help, this is a very good place to start your work day. Continue reading “Forex Factory – Market Leader for Forex trading”

What is Forex No Deposit Bonus? 5 Reasons to Use it

forex no deposit bonus

Forex no deposit bonus is a relatively new trend connected to Forex trading.

It is a great way for a client to start trading without leaving a deposit. In other words, you are able to open a trading account free of charge. This is the best way for clients without real experience to trade on the market without taking a financial risk.

Basically, it is similar to creating a demo account. Continue reading “What is Forex No Deposit Bonus? 5 Reasons to Use it”